Skitalec Bro

Skitalec Bro

"Sergey Sedunov an watercolor illustrator from Ukraine"

Sergey Sedunov, self-developed artist, originally from Ukraine. Known under the pseudonym Skitalec Bro. Traveler and dreamer, specializes in digital art, illustrations and sketches. His work on travel, nature and animals are made in bright colors.

Sergey is inspired by travel, various traditions and forms of life, creating his works, uniting the existence of everything earthly. From early childhood, he loved to draw and dreamed of becoming an artist, but fate decreed otherwise, Sergei entered the Higher Military Academy and became an officer. After the end of military service, he went on an exciting and inspiring journey and fully immersed in creativity.

Sergey's passion and love for the creative process and self-expression opened up a completely new look at the World, where he explores the beautiful essence of life. 

Selling artworks on websites such as Displate, Society6, Redbubble.


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